Coaching | Strategic ThinkingThe coaching services provided by Milon Gupta are primarily aimed for executives who would like to expand their strategic thinking skills or who are faced with concrete strategic decisions which they need to tackle.

The required number of coaching sessions depends on the coaching topics and your objectives as a coachee.

Strategic executive coaching approach for your results

The main drivers of Milon Gupta’s strategic executive coaching approach are your desired results. The coaching process starts with your ends in mind and involves a cycle of 5 steps:

  1. Exploring your business situation and challenges.
  2. Understanding the big picture and the connections.
  3. Defining your vision, goals and objectives.
  4. Setting the path to reaching your goals and objectives.
  5. Evaluating your progress and your results.

Scope of possible coaching topics

The following topics are just examples. The coaching topics and related coaching objectives will be defined in the first coaching session according to your needs as a coachee.

Strategic business challenges

  • Starting a new business
  • Expanding an existing business
  • Changing the product/service portfolio
  • Identifying business risks and new market opportunities
  • Managing the turnaround of a business in distress

Your attitudes and skills

  • Fostering awareness of blind spots
  • Expanding knowledge of cognitive biases and their effects
  • Strengthening key strategic thinking skills
  • Exercising key tools for effective strategic thinking and decision making
  • Exploring options for strategic action


You will benefit from the strategic executive coaching in multiple ways that will support your professional achievement and sustainable business success. In the coaching collaboration you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your career and business situation from a strategic perspective.
  • Develop your strategic thinking and leadership skills.
  • Find new solutions to your business challenges.
  • Create a written action plan for tackling your obstacles to achievement.
  • Follow through on your commitments for effectively achieving your desired results.

Get started

An important part of the coaching process is that you stay motivated and follow through. Milon Gupta can support you in this. Now it is your choice to start the process. Contact us to arrange an appointment for a first confidential and relaxed coaching session.

First coaching session free and non-binding

Milon Gupta - Strategic ThinkingThe first coaching session, in which you, together with Milon Gupta, will define coaching topics and objectives, is free of charge.

Booking this session does not oblige you to book any further coaching sessions at a fee.

Please send us a request for a coaching session, and indicate your preferred dates and times. You will receive a reply with a proposal for an online appointment via Skype, typically within 24 hours.

Coaching formats

  • One-on-one coaching (face-to-face and/or online via Skype)
  • Group coaching (maximum of four coachees per group; face-to-face and, if needed, complemented by online meetings via Skype)

Contact us to ask for references and fees and to book your first free online coaching session.