Milon Gupta - Strategic ThinkingMilon Gupta is an international expert for strategic thinking and decision making based in Germany. As a speaker, facilitator, coach, and author he helps executives make better decisions.

His knowledge is based on long-term experience in marketing and international project management  as well as strategic insights from chess, which he gained as a chess master.

He uses chess in his inspiring presentations, productive workshops and effective coachings as a metaphor and model for explaining to executives how to make good strategic decisions under conditions of complexity and uncertainty.

For the first time, these insights have been made accessible and practically usable for corporate decision makers without advanced chess playing skills. To achieve this, he combines insights from cognitive psychology, game theory, decision theory, system dynamics, and cybernetics.

Milon is a FIDE Master of the global chess federation FIDE and has participated four times in European championships for his club, SG Solingen. His unique approach to business strategy is based on his 37 years of international chess experience and his over 20 years of experience in marketing at European high-tech firms in the  sectors of engineering and telecommunications. His long-term business practice as marketing manager enables him to translate the deep strategic concepts from chess and make them accessible and commercially usable for executives.