Book contribution on strategic action published in GSA Top Speakers Edition

gsa-top-speakers-edition-5In August 2014, German publisher GABAL released volume 5 of the GSA Top Speakers Edition: “Die besten Ideen für erfolgreiche Führung” (The best ideas for successful leadership).

For this anthology by the German Speakers Association (GSA), editor Lothar Seiwert, Germany’s leading time management expert and founder of the GSA Top Speakers Edition, had assembled 24 distinguished speakers and trainers to write on a broad range of topics related to leadership.

The contributions are structured into four sections:

  1. “Führung im Wandel” (leadership in change),
  2. “Führungspersönlichkeit” (on personality aspects of leaders),
  3. “Führungsinstrumente” (leadership tools), and
  4. “Führung von Mitarbeitern und Teams” (leadership of employees and teams).

Section 3 on leadership tools contains a contribution by strategic thinking expert Milon Gupta on strategic action and what executives can learn from chess masters (“Strategisch handeln – was Führungskräfte von Schachmeistern lernen können”). The article explains the seven success factors of chess masters and how executives can benefit from them.

Those who are not able to read German and wish to learn more about the seven success factors of chess masters will have to wait for the English book on the topic by Milon Gupta, which is planned to be published in autumn 2016. A German book on the topic will be published in spring 2016.