The need for strategic thinking in a complex world

My name is Milon Gupta, and I am the author of the Strategic Thinking Blog. The current financial crisis in Europe is for me another proof that decision-makers on all levels in politics an business need to expand their strategic thinking skills. The issues at hand have reached a level of complexity which cannot be sufficiently addressed with the strategies and thinking patterns that brought us to the situation we are in.

Politics and business need to adopt all the best practices, proven methods and scientific insights for effective strategic thinking and decision-making that are available, but not widely known. Only then will society and economy in Europe and globally be able to keep up with the complex challenges of a fast-moving uncertain world, beyond the daily crisis management and short-term solutions.

This blog aims to make a contribution to this necessary evolution of strategic thinking. I sincerely hope to enter into a productive discussion with all people interested in the topic – independent of whether they share my belief in the need of progressing strategic thinking.