Workshop: Strategic Thinking and Decision Making for Executives

The workshop on “Strategic Thinking and Decision Making for Executives” is offered as a closed in-house workshop for companies and other organisations.

Strategic Thinking Workshop ♔ Milon GuptaStrategic thinking is the core competence of executives in the 21st century. Your success depends on the quality of your strategic thinking and decision making.

The workshop helps executives to further improve their strategic thinking and decision making and to stay fit for the challenges of rapid economic change.

The unique workshop concept is based on  Milon Gupta’s international management experience as well as proven strategic insights from chess, which he gained as a chess master. In this workshop, chess serves as a model for explaining how to make good strategic decisions under conditions of complexity and uncertainty.

The five dimensions of strategic thinking
The five dimensions of strategic thinking

For the first time, these insights have been made accessible and practically usable for corporate decision makers, even if they know little about chess. The workshop combine insights from a variety of fields, including cognitive psychology, game theory, decision theory, cybernetics, and personality diagnostics.

The workshop consists of four modules and will be provided as a customised in-house event. Minimum duration for all four modules is one day. For more thorough practice of the tools provided, two days are recommended.

If there is sufficient interest by individual executives, the workshop can also be held at a date and venue to be agreed.

Contact us, to get a detailed workshop description and an offer as well as to discuss a suitable date.