Business strategy consulting - Strategic Thinking | Milon GuptaMy mission is to support companies in developing successful business strategies. To this purpose I offer business strategy coaching and specialised business strategy consulting.

You may ask, what is the difference between coaching and consulting in this context. In my approach, there is a significant difference:

  • As a coach, I support executives in finding their own answers and solutions to strategic challenges. My role is to manage the process and provide an equally safe and challenging environment for insights to emerge. I will not provide advice, based on the belief that the clients have the knowledge and resources to find and implement their own solutions to strategic challenges.
  • As a consultant, I support executives in finding their own answers and solutions to strategic challenges as well. My role, however, is different, as I provide concrete advice on how to structure the strategy development process. My attitude in consulting is the same as in coaching: I believe the client is the expert for his system. Only the tools are different. That is why I limit my advice and action to the few areas, where companies may benefit from getting independent external input from me.

My business strategy consulting includes the following service offerings:

Strategy Development

The quality of a business strategy depends to a high degree on the process in which it has been developed. Especially those companies who have not reviewed or adapted their strategy development process in the last 2 years should consider using external strategy development support in order to get fresh insights and a more effective business strategy at the end of the process.

Please request my strategy checklist at no fee without obligation, if you wish to work on your strategy.

Leadership Development

Leadership shortage is increasingly becoming a strategic bottleneck for many companies. It is ever more difficult to get suitable executives externally. Thus, internal leadership development (LD) is gaining importance. As a consultant and coach I support companies in developing their LD strategy. In addition, I offer an innovative leadership development  programme in Germany under the brand name DYNAMISCH FUEHREN (leading dynamically), which increases the leadership competencies of participants in a sustainable and measurable way.

Interested companies who would like to work on their leadership development are invited to request my leadership development checklist at no fee without obligation.

Information on my programm for leading dynamically is available in German on the DYNAMISCH FUEHREN Website.

Service innovation development

The improvement of existing services and the development of new services are crucial for achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage. Systematically developing innovative services is, thus, a key success factor for any business strategy. My offering is specifically aimed for medium-sized enterprises who do not have an established process for systematic service development in place.

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Milon Gupta | Strategic ThinkingPlease send me your request for a first conversation of approx. 15 minutes to get acquainted with each other; let me know your preferred dates and times. You will receive from me within 24 hours a response with a proposal for an appointment via telephone or video conference.

Should there be a mutual wish to start a collaboration after one or more conversations, I would send you a draft offer for a consulting contract based on the agreed scope and conditions.

I look forward to your inquiry.

Milon Gupta